Hemp Research

Been doing some research on the hemp industry nation wide. And there seems to be some trends. I thought it was interesting enough to write this blog post about it.

The Farm Bill of 2014 is very important when it comes to industrial hemp. In this bill the Federal Government distinguishes hemp from marijuana and it allows states to develop their own hemp research program through their department of agriculture.

States like Wisconsin and Indiana are now currently progress by legalizing CBD.  Which is super exciting because you don’t hear much about middle America in the cannabis conversation. While they are in talks about getting in state products, other states are having different issues. Oregon has a problem with an over flow of industrial hemp product while California doesn’t have any.  Pennsylvania wants to produce the most in the country. And a University in Tennessee has paired up with China on hemp research.

There is a lot happening across the country when it comes to hemp.  Currently, there are 14 bills introduced to Congress about hemp. One of them is kinda humorous . The Dairy Act is claiming that calling things milk that doesn’t come from a cow, is unlawful. Random but it just shows that hemp is in the conversation with well established industries.

cannabis is a hot conversation and it’s good to see that states are joining in, in their own fashion. States rights are important. Because with it, I could write articles like this one.



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