Child proof

During my trip to California and Nevada, I learned about child proofing marijuana bags. Every dispensary gave me one. And every time I got one, I felt like an idiot for not being able to open the damn bag.

After having my dog accidentally eat my medicine, I have learned that Child proofing medicine is always a good idea. Except when it makes you feel old. As a kid, opening child proof things was pretty easy. Then, it wasn’t. Out of the blue.

Cannabis child proof bags are basically Zip lock bags that are challenging to open. They are actually great because you may forget how to open them. so it will take a minute.

Products in California and Nevada are strong. And marijuana is Medicine so it makes sense to make it difficult to increase ones dosage, if kept in the bag given to dispensary customers.  When you consume that much thc, well any mind altering drug, there’s gunna be some effects.

Anyways, it was definitely a new experience getting this child proof bags and I have a love/hate relationship towards them.

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