Tenn Hemp in Cali


Recently,  California passed a bill allowing  recreational marijuana sales starting January 1st. This is a big step for the progressive state. Because it opens the doors for most Cannabis businesses.

Interestingly, California hemp scene won’t be able to participate in the celebrations. Thus making Tennessee more progressive than California when it comes to a member of the cannabis family.

Which in my opinion, is pretty wild. California and Tennessee are two unlikely paired states when it comes to the subject of cannabis. And yet, it’s their opposite views is what that pair them together to form an interesting conversation. What side of the Cannabis conversation are you on?

California is pro marijuana and Tennessee is Pro hemp

California has legalized industrial hemp but they have left the responsibility of cultivating and processing hemp to the Federal Government. However, Colleges and Universities can get the state’s permission to grow hemp for more than just oilseed and fiber for research. Tennessee’s government has pulled this moved for marijuana and for germinating TN native seeds.

Parts of Tennessee are more progressive politically than others when it comes to marijuana. However the law is strict when it comes to possession. Which may or may not change soon.  Only time will tell

Which side of the Cannabis conversation are you on?







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