Hemp oil vs hemp seed oil

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are products available in Nashville,Tn. However not everyone knows the difference. So let me break it down for you.

Hemp seed oil is made from a similar fashion as olive oil;The seeds are cold pressed to produce the oil. Just like flax seeds, Hemp seeds naturally have omega 3& 6. As a result, when you consume hemp seed oil you are getting those nutrients available in the seeds.

Hemp oil is made from the buds of the hemp plant. The extraction process isn’t as archaic as the process to get hemp seeds. There is a bit more science involved in the extraction process. The buds are soaked in a liquid. The result of that process, is put in a machine and the liquid the buds were soaked in gets turned into a vapor. WiTh the end result being the concentrate.

In addition to having different extraction processes, the nutrients available in the oils are different. Hemp seed oil doesn’t have cannabinoids. They haven’t formed. In order to get the benificial cannabiniods, the hemp plant needs to grow and produce buds. Hemp oil is produced from the buds of the plant as a result, there are more nutrients in this type of oil.

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