Marketing Hemp

Marketing Hemp is more difficult then what meets the eye. Because there are so many grey areas.

When I tell people that I sell Hemp products here in Tennnessee. I get 3 main reactions:

1.) oh you sell marijuana, is that legal?

2.) Thats cool, what got you into that?

3.) is that cbd?

Basically, I get different variations of people associating marijuana and hemp together, with some enthusiasm and curiosity. This makes things interesting because I love engaging with people about hemp and what the plant has to offer.

When people ask questions, I can give them a variety of responses. It truly has taught me how to be a relateable Sales person. I still got a lot more to learn. Gotta start somewhere.

people are responding well to the Hemp conversation in person. Online it’s a bit of a different ball game.

It’s easy to talk to someone in person. When you write something online it’s permentant(for the most part)  as a result, there is a fine line on how I can respond to inquiries online. Because you never know when it’s gunna come back to haunt you.

The famous hemp strain, Charlotte’s web, is dealing with the FEderal Drug Administration (FDA). Because they have been making claims that the FDA didn’t approve. Kinda sucks because this hemp strain has been known to help people with epilepsy. They can’t say in their marketing tactics.

As a result, it’s important to word everything carefully when it comes to marketing and writing responses online about hemp products. The Government owns the patent for CBD and they are going to be asking for their money when it becomes legal in the eyes of the Government. They are watching what’s happening. It’s best to plan ahead and be cautious when claims are made or to give them.

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