Why buy Tenn Hemp?

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we are honest. Tenn Hemp takes great pride in the products we produce. TN’s department of Agriculture has tested the hemp extract use in our products. As a result we have the test results, showcasing our hemp extracts contain less than .3% THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana) and a full spectrum of cannabidols.

If you’re a bit skeptical, we completely understand. We are selling controversial organic hemp products.  On the contrary, What’s legal and available isn’t always as benificial as organic hemp. Most pain relieving pills can’t say their product has had 0 deaths from their products. The DEA has said in their 2017 annual Drug Report, that there have been 0 deaths caused by the cannabis plant. It’s ironic that the US government owns the patent for CBD and could be making money on it.

Still not sure whether to buy our Hemp products or not? Email us! We are passionate about hemp and our products and talking to you excites us.

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