What I learned after the first week of selling hemp

August 28, 2017 was the first day that I actually putting in an effort and selling hemp products.  I was super stoked at the opportunity to team up with TN Homegrown and sell their LEGAL full spectrum Hemp products. ( Learned that the U.S. Government owns the patent for CBD, so I am trying to use this terminology to a minimum. (Article on this subject coming.))

Here are the 3 main take aways from this week.

1.) Facebook marketplace and local groups are great places to start marketing the products you have available to sell.

After the first couple of hours of posting  “Legal CBD products for sale, ” people just started messaging me left and right.  As noobie hemp seller, I was thrilled at the response I was getting from the ad.  It didn’t take too long for me to realize that some people who buy the product no questions asked, others had an abundance of question which I was eager to answer.

2.) People are very interested that they can purchase Hemp products in TN. 

In 2 days, over 40 people messaged me about being interested in the TN Homegrown products that I was selling online.  People were very curious about the legality of the product and what it can be used for.  I learned really quickly that I can’t recommend any of the TN home grown products that I am selling as a cure for anything.  As a result, I would find and send articles to people answering their hemp questions. Some of the questions I have gotten is, “Is this product good for kid?” “Is this product good for Diabetes?”

3.) Everyone has their own reason for trying hemp products.

Over the past week, I have learned a lot about why people are interested in dabbling in cannabis products. Everyone seems to have their own medical reason as to why they are interested in hemp products.  It has been fascinating to learn about people’s problems because it allows me to see how awesome the cannabis is for people.

Hemp is amazing plant that can do a ton of good for people. It’s a shame that there is this terrible stigma.  I am glad that industrial hemp is legal in TN. Because I am able to pursue my dream of being an influencer in the industry.







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